Relishing Experience: Food Event By Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Oil is our necessity. We cannot imagine any food item without it. However, do you know that palm oil is one of the largest used products?

In a food event conducted by Malaysian Palm Oil Council recently on 2nd January 2018 at Kbob’s, Gurukul, Ahmedabad, Gujarat; it was shared with us that palm oil is found in most of the food products starting from biscuits to chocolates. The key speaker of the event Dr. Bhavan Shah, Country Representative, India/Sri Lanka, Malaysian Palm Oil Council shared the benefits of palm oil and the overview of how this industry is booming.

It was interesting to be educated on oil that I have been consuming for so many years but had little idea about. 

Mrs. Priyanka Verma, the coordinator of the event introduced a unique way of presenting this event. Selected food bloggers were gathered at Kbob’s, which was our starting point. We were then divided into groups. We were handed clue cards, which had to be solved and then move on to the next clue. Here are some insights of the game:

Barbeque Nation – When we reached here, we had to fill in a quiz based on our recent interaction with Dr. Bhavana Shah. Then, we were given next clue card which leads us to Sugar and Spice.

Sugar and Spice: The blind test unfolded before us here. We were given a dish that we had to taste and write down the ingredients. The more you write and the correct you write; will you gain points.

Happy Singh: Our next clue leads us to this new restaurant, which I didn’t know even existed. Here, we indulged in the salad-making competition. We were given ingredients such as orange, red cabbage, potatoes, sauces, etc; to make our salad. It was judged on basis of presentation, taste, and nutritious value.

Kbob’s: It was a full circle as we reached back at our starting point. Our last challenge was to eat a bowl of ice-cream without dropping anything on the table.

That’s how this game ended – on a sweet note.

There was a selfie booth organized for all of us. We clicked, posed, and made merry till dinner was served. The dinner was an exclusive and yummy spread of veg and non-veg items. The event ended after winners were organized.

Overall, the event was of a different kind. I had never seen such a glamorous and elongated event to introduce something. I thank the entire team of Malaysian Palm Oil Council for having me and for a great event.


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