Product Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly

It’s going to be a quick review, I promise. Because when it comes to chocolates, one likes to feel it and not read (unless it is expiry date.)

Like any other girl, I am found of chocolates. But not any or every kind of chocolates. I am the one who prefer dark and profound chocolates, which smells of love and suits your cravings. Because I am the one who eat chocolates after having strong cravings and/or occasions.

Then there was this – Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly. Ever since, I saw its advertisement, I had to try it. It worked like a charm on me. I had normal silk and silk caramel before and liked it but was not fan of it. But Bubbly, I do not know what spell it has cast on me. I am totally clean bowled in the very first bite.

It comes in three wraps. And I love the first two wraps. The first cover is sparkling royal purple with a tint of gold. Next, is the ever classic, white and gold. The third is pure gold and then you can dig into the yummy bubbly. What a cute name!

I love bubbles! Maybe that is why I was so excited to try this product. So as soon as I met my love, which currently is Bubbly, I was transported into a new world. The Bubbles are sure soft, shiny, and lot silkier.

Their texture has crumbles and crunchiness, which allows you to take intervals while eating. And trust me, they do the trick. Sigh! What more do you need? A hot coffee and a bar of Bubbly on this rainy day.

As I type this, I hear my windows banging [not shattering], strong winds blowing that cross through my face, and the light romantic drizzling. Ah – they all make my experience with Bubbly even more fantastic!

Happy Eating! Happy Monsoon!

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