A Day with Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Ranveer Brar

What happens when you are rewarded? You feel happy, right. And the joy that runs through you is doubled when you least expect the reward!

Something similar happened to me today when I was shortlisted to join Chef Vikas Khanna & Chef Ranveer Brar for a Food hop in Ahmedabad. Yes, meeting them in person and going with them to different restaurants in the city – it was total a YAY thing and happy feeling. 

So on given time, I reached the place and waited for my contact person, Pallavi. As I willed time, I met Foodaholics in Ahmedabad admins, Rohan & Esha. They too had gathered for the same purpose. As we chatted, Aditi Gupta, who was invited for the Food Hop, joined us. Until our esteemed Chefs made an entry, we all shared our love for food by discussing it. 

Finally, the moment arrived. Dressed in casual black t-shirt & Jeans, the Chefs walked in. And, one look of them was enough to swoon all girls, waiting for them. Their humbleness, politeness, and friendly nature won our hearts. It was amazing to see both of them being so casual on their promo trip. Adding to the fun, were their lovely tips, tricks and warmth.

We began our trip at Gordhan Thal. It is a well-known place to dig in the lovely Gujarati Thali. The various Gujarati flavors brought together in one place was amazing. From Bhakri to Dal, to Paneer Lababdar, to Gulab Jamun, the Thali had all. A perfect start of the Day. 

Our next stop was Bikanerwala. One of the popular sweet shops of Ahmedabad, it originally serves Rajasthani dishes. We tasted Paneer Dhokla, Raj Kachori and some of the other chats. The chats were perfectly balanced with spices and chutny’s. The balance lifted the entire taste of the chats and proved to be a great cooler in the scorching heat. (Well, yes! Ahmedabad Summers are in!)

Our final destination was Shambhu’s Coffee Bar at Prahladnagar. The place always reminds me of my college days. Surprisingly, it had the same effects on our Chefs too. It was interesting to see how a simple food stall can still create magic on youngsters. Shambhu’s Cold Coffee really has a magic that vows everyone, irrespective of age.

The journey with Chef Vikas Khanna & Chef Ranveer Brar was simply astounding. Not for once, did I feel that I was talking to renowned and world famous chefs. Their love, warmth, and simplicity made my love deeper for them. Also, they gave us some beautiful tips of loving and cooking food and always being inspired by food. 

Chef Vikas in his words showed his love for Shrikhand, which is his favourite dish from Gujarat and Mithi Daal. Later being something that is not purely a Gujju thing. Chef Ranveer taught us that the love for food should be in heart. Even if our stomach is full, the love for food should stay consistent.

They maybe shooting continuously, they may be having hectic schedule and they maybe bounded by time, but it did not stop them from spreading smiles on everyone’s face. I, Aditi, Esha & Rohan were lucky to get an opportunity to meet them personally. Yet, they both made everyone happy whoever was coming to meet them and clicking selfies.

I really had a lovely day. A day to remember for my entire life. I would love to thank Navneet & Ankit, owners of Nini’s Kitchen, Ahmedabad, for suggesting my name to Star Plus team. I would also convey my regards to Smita, Pallavi, and Aditi, the PR team for making us comfortable. Last but not the least, thanks to my lovely companions.

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