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Relishing Experience: Tasting New Menu Launch at Bayleaf, Courtyard By Marriott

Recently, I had gone for menu tasting. It was a scrumptious spread of fusion dishes. Before, I go into sharing details, let me shed some light on what is menu tasting.
Menu tasting is a formal/informal meet where we taste the new menu. It is a lunch/dinner where I get to taste some of the favorite dishes of chef, popular dishes, or the new inventions. Sometimes it is mix of all. Based on our menu tasting, we share our feedback to the team.

My recent visit of menu tasting was at Bayleaf, Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad. The menu consisted of the fusions dishes designed by Chef Rahil Aga. Chef Aga believes in fusion and his love definitely reflects in this specially designed menu for Bayleaf.
Here’s what I had:

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