Food Tasting @ Wazwan: The Kashmiri Food Festival

Kashmir is known to be a heaven on Earth. And, why wouldn't it be called so? With breath-taking scenery, appealing snow-clad mountains, and gorgeous food; it is definitely a heartwarming place to experience. 

My wish to visit that place is still in the first stage of planning. Before even I could finalize, I came to know about Wazwan: The Kashmiri Food Festival held in Bayleaf, Courtyard By Marriott, Ahmedabad. 

It was almost like the universe was conspiring me to experience this heaven, in Ahmedabad. So, I went to this festival and here's what I had: 


Kashmiri Kahwa: A super piping hot drink infused with Saffron (yummm), cardamom, and cinnamon. Its taste has the fineness of the spices that made it a refreshing drink for a cold evening. I loved it and had almost two cuppas of it.

Badam Shorba: Something different from regular soups and very healthy too. It was an interesting dish to try. 

Rajma Tikki, Nadru (Lotus Stem), Malai Corn Tikki, and Panner Saute: What a show! These starters were delicate and beautiful glazed. Their look was appealing. I liked their cooking method: slow toasted and not at all overdone. The roasting helped in retaining the original flavors. One bite and I could feel the flavors shaking their way in my mouth. 

I was pretty excited to try their Nadru Tikki. Nadru or beeyah (lotus stem) is a popular ingredient in our Sindhi culture as well. I totally loved the way, it was cooked and served in a new avatar. 

Main Course: 

Dum Aloo: I had heard a lot about the unique way in which Dum Aloo is prepared from my Kashmiri friends. So, invariably, when it was served to me - I was dancing with joy. They were so soft! The gravy was tasty, filled with spices, and just so gulible. 

Tamatar Chaman: Big blocks of paneer cooked in spicy gravy. It was so gorgeous in its look. Cottage cheese has spices stuffed and covered around it. This made it a dish that was dipped in flavors. 

Kashmiri Dal: As explained, the dal was mixed with tur and cooked with exotic spices. It was a perfect combo for their Briyani. Together, they were like a pair made in heaven. 

Lotus Stem: This one had a tangy flavor to it. The spices were minimal but the way it was cooked - was the attractive thing in it. 

Rajma: This was so goood.... No kidding! I am in love with the Rajma! They were so soft that they melted as soon as I took a piece from my helping. I never had such soft Rajma before. I am all biased towards them. This was one thing that will remain captured in my heart forever. 


Phirni: Only word - WOW! 

Overall, my experience of this festival was unique and excellent. All dishes were scrumptious and has the authentic touch to them. In a quick chat with the Chef Mohd. Abbas Bhat, he explained the concept of Wazwan to me: "Wazwan is all abotu celebration. And every dish has a distinct character, cooked slow, and monitored closelt by the vaste waze (master chef)." 


Overview of the Place

Cost for Two: 2200 INR

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Staff & Service: 5/5

Food: 5/5

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