Food Review – Ahmedabad One Food Court

Ahmedabad one aka our old Alpha One is a famous food court. It is the heart of Ahmedabad. You get all entertainment and useful stuff under one roof.

They renovated their food court recently. The new food court looks lavish in terms of seating arrangements and layout. The major attraction is obviously FOOD!

With new furnished outlets, the food court ensures that one can taste as many varieties as possible under one roof. The new look of the place feels light and happy. The food counters are of some of the well-known brands of Ahmedabad.

On my recent visit there, I tried various dishes from different outlets. Some dishes are fusion and experiential in terms of their presentation. Here’s what I gobbled up:

Pani Puri

Brought from Chatoree counter, the Pani puri had amazing taste. The highlight was their Pani that they freshly make every day and uses all natural flavoring.

… and when there is pani puri, you just gobble it up without much discussing.

Raj Kachori

Just look at it! Such a huge plate.

From the counter of Chatoree, this Kachori will definitely fill your tummy with eyes first and then tongue. This huge beauty had all that a Raj Kachori should have. Layers of fillings topped with chilled curd and chutney’s. Your task would be to fill the entire components of it in one bite.


Khaman is something that cannot be ignored. One of the well-known dishes of Gujarat, Khaman has to be soft to taste better. I was happy the way, Talod counter served this dish. It was perfectly steamed, fluffed, and soft. You can easily have the entire plate without worrying about calories. It just melted in my mouth.

Italian Dhokla

This dish is a treat for all Italian lovers. Again from Talod counter, it is a fusion of Pizza topping and Gujarati Dhokla. Our good own Dhokla is topped with Pizza toppings consisting of olives, sauce, and cheese. The base is soft and fluffy that makes this dish entirely interesting. Have guilt free trip with them.

Paprika Hummus with Zatar Naan

If you love Mediterranean food like me, this is definitely not to be missed. A classic Hummus, when mixed with balanced flavors, can provide wonderful output.

 I loved the taste. You could actually feel the Paprika carefully folded in the hummus. And the lovely Paprika spread on it with generous olive oil does the magic. The naan is equally spicy with green chilies that would tantalize your taste buds.

Falafel Hummus Salad

Another yummy platter from Mediterranean world – Falafel Hummus Salad. I love the entire concept of Hummus because it is healthy. You can eat to your heart’s content without worrying about your weight.

These both dishes were from MM Maroosh counter. The highlight was the freshness of their dishes. Mediterranean cuisine is best served fresh and with lots of olive oil. The Falafel was baked to perfection, which combined with Fresh pita bread was an amazing combination.

Saucy Dumplings
From some healthy dishes and lovely starters, now it was time to dig in the main course. These saucy dumplings were from Nanking – a counter from Nanjing franchise. If you want to taste authentic Chinese, this counter will do justice to it. The perfect amalgamation of sauces with lovely crafted dumplings.

Veg Whopper & Cheese Chili Whopper

Burgers straight from Burger King Counter were filled with surprise. Possibly one cannot finish these large bites alone. The stuffings were generous and many. Yet it did not mix with each other that helped in retaining the taste and flavors of the burger. The cherry on the top was their fresh and soft bread that made it a good meal.

Harayali Kulcha with Dal Makhni

The goodness of Delhi brought from Chandani Chowk counter to satisfy North Indian cravings was a delicious effort. It was an experiential dish made by the Chefs. The huge portions of this dish are enough for one person. I enjoyed Dal Makhani, which had the shiny surface with soft and tasty flavors. The naan was prepared as ordered, which helped it to retain its softness and taste.

Malai Kulfi with Kesar Faluda
How can you not have something sweet after such scrumptious meal? Malai Kulfi with Kesar Faluda was brought from Asharfilal; one of the well-known name in Ahmedabad. This was completely delightful. The lovely Malai kulfi topped with Kesar flavor and faluda made it -  the best dish to end the meal with.

So this is my food hopping. What about you? Try and share your details with me in the comments below.  
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