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I'm trying new ways to incorporate styles in blog writing. Photos being an integral part, I am going to take you through the journey of the food fest, "Desi Videshi Dhaba" conducted by Nautanki - The Gastronomical Drama. 

Here are the pictures:


1) Paaji Ki Chaat 

A lovely amalgamation of traditional flavors. Single bite makes you remember all the authentic Punjabi taste. 

2) Mr. and Mrs. Gol Gappe

Do even I need to discuss this? Like, this is PANI PURIIII! 

3) Tokri Chaat

Yummy in tummy makes you forget your hectic schedule and tiredness. This is one of those dishes! 

Main Course:

1) Hara Lasun Ki Sabzi

This is treat for all those who love Lasun aka garlic. This dish was made from gree garlic. It was a total beautiful dish. With minimal ingredients, this was star of the show. 

2) Panner Burraah

The royal Panner goes into traditional gravy, makes it a dish fit to be relished. 

3) Pind Di Dal

It will truly make you remember Punjab and its flavors. 

4) Tokri of Indian Breads

A collection of tasty and different Indian bread such as Makai Ki Roti, & Mix Masala Kulcha will prove a right accompaniment to this dishes. 


1) Jalebi & Rabdi

Dipping the hot Jalebi in cold Rabdi is an extraordinary experience; left best to experience. So just enjoy the pictures. 

2) Kulfi

The Kulfi served in a new style: only one word - awesome! 


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