Relishing Experience: The Golden Plate Restaurant

The Golden Plate is a new restaurant opened on the busy road of Gurukul. The place is quite easy to find and very vibrant. As the name suggests, you can expect lots of gold in there. The classic gold is combined by black to give a surreal effect to the entire place.

The d├ęcor is quite classy and has been done with details. Overall, the interior and space are cozy and comfortable.

The restaurant uses techniques as liquid nitrogen in few selected dishes to give it a gastronomical effect. I must say, the staff is very courteous and well-trained in performing all those tricks with nitrogen.

Here’s what I tried:

1. Mango Chili Tini

It was a ‘dhamaka in small glass.’ The deep flavors of Mango and chili could be seen in glass and felt as you took this shot. A beautiful incorporation of flavors and presentation.

2. Deconstructed Rock salt mint mojito

Well, well, this was a clear winner for me for the night. I loved the way it was presented and served. I am happier to see the staff carrying out the entire process of making this deconstructed rock salt mint mojito in front of me.  The taste was superb and the amalgamation of mint, lemon, and water was beautiful. It had a refreshing taste, I could go on, and have many portions of it.

Also, You gotta believe the magic liquid nitrogen can do. Watch how it was made in the video below.

3. Sprouted Lentil Chaat Salad

Chaat – who doesn’t love it? Especially when it comes with fresh sprouted lentils and goodness of chutney’s and sauces. The dash of liquid nitrogen was like a cherry on the top. I loved the way it was served. No over toppings of chutney’s or garnishing. All ingredients were balanced.

4. Soup - Roasted Mushroom with Fresh Basil

If you love mushrooms, you have to try this. The soup had a creamy texture and bare minimum spices. This soup vouched what simple ingredients like salt and pepper can do to your soup. The chunks of roasted mushroom just made it crunchier and better.

5. Karari Priri Piri Roomali 

A huge Khakra, topped with vegetables and topped with Piri Piri masala. This was a good side dish and munching option till you are served the main course. 

6. Cheese Stuffed Bhavnagari Green Chilies

Cheese and Chilies – the name itself bespeaks of the innovative dish that it was. The Bhavnagari chilies were stuffed and topped with cheese.  It was simple and plain dish with no overwhelming ingredients.

7. Makhani Surprise Fondue

Hail to the star of the evening. Fondue is one of the trend that has gained recent popularity and is being served in many innovations in Ahmedabad. This one was special because it provided cheese layer over Makhani layer. With it there were slow roasted vegetables and bread that complimented this dish beautifully. I must say, this fondue is something you must try. All the flavors were filled in exact proportion – giving it a beautiful taste.

8. Fiesta Nachos

Let us Nacho with Nachos. Lol… on a lighter note. I don’t think Nachos need any description or introduction. They have always been awesome as ever. 

The crispy nachos topped with fresh veggies and melted cheese – heaven!

9. Dragon Cottage Cheese Skewers

Dragon Cottage Cheese Skewers were cottage cheese deep-fried and topped with Chinese sauces. More like a Chinese flavor, they were good but okay compared to other dishes. I would definitely give it a skip.

10. Roomali Panner Tikka Lasagna

As the names suggests this dish was a layer of panner that was made like roomali roti. It was filled with different flavors and baked. A single piece of it easily melted in my mouth. A unique touch to Lasagna. If you love Lasagna, do try it!

11. Gluten Free Rotis & Multigrain Whole Wheat Rotis

I liked the taste of these roti’s. Since healthy food is what everyone is looking for – these rotis are a big breakthrough in it. They remain tasty and healthy. Lovely innovation!

12. Gulab Jamun Rabri Cheese Cake

Cheesecake is my favorite. This was a unique touch to original Gulab Jamun cheesecake by giving in Rabri flavor and texture to it. They exactly didn’t taste like cheesecake but the texture was different. It would have been great if the texture was light lighter and fluffier.

Overall, the taste and ambiance was good. Would definitely recommend it to fellow foodies.

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