Food Review – A Kebab Affair at Courtyard by Marriott

Kebab is one of the most delicious dishes in India. They are categorized as snacks and starters in many places but of course, everyone has a different synonym denoting it.

Whether Kebab is deep fried or shallow fried or roasted in a tandoor or on a sighri – they remain appetizing and jaw-dropping dish. I guarantee one isn’t enough for anyone. When it softly melts in our mouth or gives the authentic tandoor flavor, you know you are having something divine.

When Courtyard by Marriott hosted Kebab affair, I knew, I was about to taste a sinful affair. Here is what I tried at their Kebab affair:

Welcome Drink: Peach Drink

A refreshing and plump drink, this one had chunks of peach mixed with mint leaves. It left kept me cool and was a perfect companion with the Kebabs.

Peach Drink

Soup: Subz Badam Shorba

One of the best soups, I had until date. Every spoon of this delightful soup gave a mouthful flavor of vegetables and almonds. The smooth and minimal taste of the soup left filled. This soup is highly recommended for those who love healthy food or are on a diet. It will keep your energy maintained.

Subz Badam Shorba

The Platter of Kebabs

Kumbh aur Kaju Galouti: I am biased towards this kebab. Yeah, I am a crazy lover of mushrooms and when this was served to me; my all attention was turned towards it. This perfectly melted in my mouth. Having a very fragile structure but very soft and mushroom-y taste – I fell in love with it. Just like original Galouti, it has everything in it.

Kumbh aur Kaju Galouti

Nadru Ki Shami Kebab: Lotus stem according to me is very difficult to cook. It is very hard to give flavor to it. But the Chef’s at the Marriott turned it into a fantastic Kebab, retaining its crunchiness and adding lovely flavors to it. The slimly cut and fried lotus stem on it was a perfect twist.

Nadru Ki Shami Kebab

Hara Moong aur Palak Ki Seekh: It was a healthy option with the taste that stimulates taste buds. A little dry but when complimented with green chutney - it gives you a perfect slurping feel. 

Hara Moong aur Palak Ki Seekh:
Papad Paneer Roll: Papad and I are inseparable. I was quite fascinated with its recipe. The Paneer was first stuffed with spices then rolled into raw papad and deep-fried. When you take a bite, the flavor of papad and paneer grips you completely. The crunch makes your Kebab affair wonderful.

Papad Paneer Roll

Bharwa Mirch Kebab: A touch of Rajasthani flavor (that’s what I felt), the authenticity could be felt in every bite. The gram flour and potatoes filling, topped with cheese gave a perfect glaze to it.

Bharwa Mirch Kebab

Pardha Paneer Tikka: One of the heavy Kebab, this one had the taste of tandoori and margination. The Paneer was first marinated in spices, covered with a thin crust of all purpose flour and shallow fried. I loved the flavors as well as the fresh paneer with a crispy covering, made it a wow kebab on the entire platter.

Pardha Paneer Tikka

Tandoori Shakarkand: Last but of course, not the least, Tandoor Shakarkand is a dish made from sweet potato. It was served like a chat. The Shaharkand was cooked in tandoor, topped with sev, curd, chutney’s, and fried chips that gave it a tangy flavor.

Tandoori Shakarkand

That is all folks!

Overall, I had an amazing rendezvous with the various kebabs. Every Kebab had its authentic taste and flavors, which made my dinner memorable.

I would like to thank the Courtyard by Marriott team for coming up with such exciting and unique festivals, which lets us enjoy various cuisines in one place. 
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Shalini said…
That's a fab review! And those pics? Yummm :)
Vasantha Vivek said…
Fantastic post. Loved it !!!
I honestly didn't know that there was an option like that to make it using papad. And as a spicy food lover, that chilly mirch kabab looks awesome. :)
Nikita Dudani said…
Thank You all. Yes it was a delicious rendezvous

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