Relishing Experience: The Kettlery - A Morning Rendezvous With Romancing Exotic Brewed Teas

A hot morning cuppa of tea with newspaper is a regular scene in every household. It tickles your brain cells and prepares you for the upcoming tasks of the day. Have you ever thought of ditching the usual milk and sugar tea and going for something delightful?

When I joined the one of its own kind session in Ahmedabad -Tea Tasting & Brewing session by The Kettlery, I wasn't aware that I would be in for a big surprise. Just arriving in this absolutely mesmerizing place was a kick-start to a great morning. As the event moved ahead, so I did, by increasing my knowledge about teas and its brewing techniques.

Black, green, and the Desi Chai are the only types of the teas I grew up sipping and knowing. I was shocked to see the addition to this family under the name of the White tea, Oolong tea, Herbal, and rooibos tea. These teas are further classified into categories based on the region, where they have been planted and grown. Did you know that all the teas are in fact a byproduct of a single plant? Camellia Sinensis is the plant that keeps our body regulated by offering thousands of varieties of teas.

Sandeep Kotecha and Praneta Mehta guided us into the world of tea with their first-hand experience and knowledge in this niche. Sandeep & Praneta had been working in the USA for last 8 years. They bring in a class, style, and rich exposure of teas with them to our Amdavadi town, known for drinking tea.

The Kettlery has been done with great art and expertise that set it apart from other cafes and/or restaurants. The rich interior design and the perfect pick of furniture say all about what you have signed up for. There were beauty and elegance in the way; the entire set up was created. From writing names of teas on the small bowls to measurement spoons, cups, and the brewing ware – everything was spot on.

The entire session was authentic and different. There were wide array of people joining in from different backgrounds. The most important stuff, I like, and would love to see in Ahmedabad is the amount of knowledge Sandeep & Praneta were ready to share. Their collection of teas is more than 1000. You would need a lot of time to explore each one and to become accustomed to its taste. 

Here’s a detailed look into the teas we tasted and brewed and the things, I learned a new!
  •        Oolong Tea

My table had to brew Oolong tealeaves. This tea had a good strong flavor that hits right on the front palate. Its effect is so high that it leaves its mark on your taste buds for an entire day (that is, if you do not drink any other strong stuff.) Oolong teas are greatly preferred to achieve weight loss and to have a good metabolism.

P.S. Check out the entire brewing process in the video.

  • Darjeeling Tea

This tea had a significant and faint aroma that opens your morning on a good note. It is a subtle and refreshing brew to distress and relax.

  • Nilgiri Tea

My favorite of the lot! I can’t decide was it my imagination at work or did these teas really had lovely fragrance. A smell of the tealeaves and it reminds you of rainy days, where you can breathe the wet land, grass, and the moist ambiance. Such an intoxicating moment it was to sip into this luxury on a hot Sunday afternoon.

  • Assam Tea

If you love the chai made at your home, you will definitely love this flavor. It had a strong, dark, and enriching taste and color, once brewed. A sip of it can keep you awake for long hours. It hits your innermost palate and stimulates your brain to stay alert.

Apart from these teas, there were other teas brewed too – black, white, etc. Each flavor left its own mark on the audience. Trust me; no one was ready to leave even a tad bit in his or her cup. The Kettlery did a great work by offering the new tastes in the teas. It is a revolutionary step in the Ahmedabad market and in the world of teas.

Besides, it offers a great variety of food too. I tried Moroccan Pasta. It has Pasta, veggies, given a good toss in mint sauce. The secret ingredient to this tasty pasta was, infusing Moroccan mint tea in the pasta. The tea Moroccan tea was used in the dish once it has been brewed on with the right temperature. The end product comes dyed in rich green color with the entire mint flavor exploding in your mouth. A piece of it, instantly,  chills you down.

They also had a scrumptious spread of the glassware used in brewing the teas. All the glassware’s are made from a non-breakable material. The kettles look lovely and the infuser works as a great help to separate tea and the tealeaves. 

They are an ideal gift for tea lovers. It was indeed exceptional event and I am glad, I was a  part of it. This place, I am definitely going back to. 

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