Relishing Experience: Joules, Gurukul

Joules... A name that says it all. One of the most amazing places to have beautiful desserts. My recent visit to Joules was to relish in the delicious cream desserts that are their specialty.

The place is quite and serene, where you can eat in peace over long chit chats. Situated on crowdy Lane, the place magically cuts off all the other sounds and voices.

Here is what we tried:

1) Strawberry and Chocolate Cream, Treat

One of the fantastic desserts, it combines chocolate and strawberries very interestingly. The first layer consisted of large Vanilla ice cream and generous amount of chocolate chips. The next layer is carved artistically with fresh cream and tangy strawberries popping out. The last layer was of chocolate syrup that was flowing like a river over the generous pyramid.

2) Vanilla and Strawberry, Treat

It was yet another lovely combination of strawberries and Vanilla ice cream. It looked so beautiful that it fills you with the lovely red color that remind you of love. It doesn't take you long to eat it up.

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