Relishing Experience - Cafe Unforgettable

This has been a best discovery till now. Suggested by a friend, I have visited this café many times and have never been disappointed. Situated in a quite yet busy lane of CG Road, this café is a quite romantic and cozy place to be at.

The seating is simple, not too decked up neither too less. The place is comfortable and the staff is very helpful. They are quick and responsive to our taste and the orders, we place.

I have tried their Chessy Nachos, Focaccia veggie sandwich, Focaccia Olivia Pizza, Cheese spinach crepe, Herbed garden pie, Kitkat shake, and Strawberry kiwi mock margherita.

All of the above dishes were a super hit in their own unique way. I was not disappointed by any of them.

Cheesy Nachos – A perfect blend of crispiness and cheese that sums up to a terrific combination. Served with salsa sauce, the combination will leave you wanting for more.

Focaccia Veggie Sandwich & Panni Sandwich – A beautiful combination of fresh vegetables, with right amount of fats that leads to a blast of flavors in your mouth.

Focaccia Olivia Pizza – A MUST TRY FOR ALL PIZZA LOVERS! It was truly a bit of heaven of earth. The herbs combined with vegetables and topped with cheese made this pizza an exceptional and highlight of our meal. You can feel the crunch in every bite. Must try, for sure.

Cheese Spinach Crepe – Soft as butter, and well stuffed with spinach and cheese, do not let the look of the crepe deceive you. It is a tummy filler and melts easily in your mouth. You do not need any hard chewing work with this one.

Herbed Garden Pie – Another worthy trial; herbed garden pie is one of the best one I had in Ahmedabad so far. This will leave you wanting for more. What were attracting were the portions of it. You get two pies, generously filled with broccoli, tomatoes, and cheese – it was baked to perfection. The crust was thick yet silky. While the filling gave you a delicious feeling, the crust made it alluring by its crunchiness.

The Drinks – Strawberry Kiwi mock margarita and Kitkat shake were some of the drinks I had there. They are refreshing and quite complimentary to every dishes, you order.

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