Perk Up Your Holi Day Snacking with McCain Foods

Every year at the time of Holi, we welcome the onset of spring with a rainbow of colors.

Holi is one of the most awaited festivals in India, characterized by a splash of colors and oodles of fun.

While Holi will keep you hooked for the day, is the Holi Party giving you jitters?

Worry not dear ladies, McCain Foods gives you a handy cheat sheet, that will redeem you from the arduous task of making elaborate snacks like Gujjia and Mathri. Holi is a time when guests don’t sit and chat but are constantly on the go. Finger snacks are a brilliant idea when you host a Holi party at your humble abode.

Frozen snacks are a great way to add an element of irresistible taste that is high on convenience and consistent in taste and texture. These crispy, scrumptious snacks can be served hot and fresh on to your plate in a matter of minutes.

Below are few tips that will give you a brilliant cheat sheet and make you look every bit the perfect host.

Pack Smart
The best way to prevent your finger snacks from getting spoilt from colors and maintain hygiene is to neatly wrap the snacks with a transparent packing that can be partially removed to serve up a snack.

It is hard to keep your guests glued at one place as Holi is a time to socialize in the naughtiest way. You’re sure to win thankful smiles by serving platters of delicious finger snacks at various corners of the house. You may even keep handy proportions of snacks lined up with skewers to add oomph to your hosting.

Drink Dispensers
Gone are the days when you had to pour a drink for every serving, use a fancy dispenser and let the guests help themselves. The dispenser while keeping the water hygienic would also help reduce effort.

Gorge On Frozen Snacks
Frozen snacks comes in most handy for last minute add ons. If you feel you’ve run out of snack supply all you need to do it take the pack from freezer and fry for three minutes and no more keeping the guests waiting for a dose of delicacy.

Keep It Live
A live snack cum bar counter would add chic quotient to your Holi party. Layer up a combination of crispy finger snacks with the favorite booze, and serve with exotic condiments like dips, nuts, and caramelized fruits. Let the guests snack up an innovative snack they will never forget.

Ice Ice Baby
Every party, do you keep running around for the next set of ice cubes?
Instead of adding ice, think about adding frozen strawberries or grapes or other fruit pieces while serving your favorite drinks. Frozen fruit cools down your drink without watering it down, and at the end, you can also eat the fruit!


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