Relishing Experience: Nanjing

Well, I had doubts to put it in relishing experience or not but I ended up doing it because the food was great. Why I had doubts to put it up, I will take it in the last section of this blog post.

To start with, I liked that this posh and one of its kind restaurant, Nanjing, is established on CG Road. Why I loved that because at last, I have some, decent some place near my home. Situated on the 3rd floor of the CG Square Mall, it is quite and not-so-crowed place. That is until the third floor is stocked up with other stores and shops.

The interior of Nanjing are classy, simple, and heart capturing. The door is done in amazing red décor that boosts up its look. Inside, the restaurant is done with black décor and has lovely set-up. Another enticing thing about this restaurant is the spaciousness. The appropriate space between the tables gives you privacy to chitchat and have a deep talk. A very good place for romantic dinner and/or date.

The service was amazing and very helpful. I loved the fact that they were suggesting the best of their dishes to us as per our taste. They even knew that their authentic Chinese is yet to spread and the way they made everyone comfortable is really commendable. I hope in the coming time they keep up their service parameters.

Coming to food, we ordered (yes, I was there with friends), Chicken Hakka Noodles, Mongolian Chicken, Veg Pan Fried Noodles, Budahs Delight, and Virgin Mojito. My friends and the way they gobbled up ordered the chicken dishes, surely made me feel that it is a scrumptious treat.

Veg Pan Fried Noodles were made in authentic Chinese style, having minimal spices. To say it in layman language, they were bland but I enjoyed it because I could feel authentic Chinese taste in every bite. The service staff suggested the Budahs Delight, and it was really a beautiful option. The vegetables were stir-fried and had spicy red gravy that blended deliciously with Pan Fried Noodles. The Virgin Mojito had a perfect blend of freshness that immediately cooled and rejuvenated my spirit.

Overall, I really liked the experience that I had with Nanjing. However, the only turn-off was faced when we received the bill. The bill came with an additional Service Charge of 10%. To this, neither my friends nor I could understand as to why it was there. We understand service tax and VAT but not the service charge. And okay, even if they had to bill it, it could have be less. Why 10% of the entire bill? Once we received the bill, we were too embarrassed to ask clarification or raise questions as this caught us very unaware.

I really hope that the restaurant people provide me an answer to my query. Because I loved the place as it is the only one to serve authentic Chinese. I would really recommend this to everyone.

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