Foodies meet in association with Foodaholics of Ahmedabad at Java+ by Courtyard Marriott

Food is one common ground for friendship. It connects people together and let them share their love and passion for food. On 31st May 2015, something similar happened.; an app that has answers to all our queries; organized a foodie’s meet in Ahmedabad. The meet was in association with the largest, happiest, and the most thriving food group of Ahmedabad, ‘Foodaholics in Ahmedabad’ at Java+, Courtyard by Marriott.

Many food lovers, bloggers, and enthusiast were invited to be part of this awesome meet such as Pavana Bhat & Neha Malwade who owns ‘Fifty Shades of Food’, Sneha Padnani, proprietor of ‘The Midnight Baker’, ‘The Taste Test’, and many foodies like Pratik, Shruti, Saloni, Bhumi, and Shivangi; to name a few.

What we did there?

An informal meet of foodies was gathered to educate us more about Askme app and it various uses. Especially, there upcoming food group. As their tagline says, ‘Baap of All apps’, it was a truly insightful app, which can serve us answers of any categories.

Introduction: The meet began with a small introduction of all foodies - what they do, and which food they relate to. It was a quirky and fun introduction because the answers were awesome. Everyone sportingly took this and it was filled with lot of laughter and light moments.

PPT: It was followed by a PowerPoint presentation on app. how to use it and their new additions in the app. They discussed any upcoming contest, which can be found on their website.

Chef’s Special: Next in line were two dishes, which Java+ chef’s showed us. The first dish was a seafood dish, which had many components brought together beautifully on a dish. Next was a lovely cheesecake accompanied with lot of chocolates, mangoes and more chocolates!

Cook-off: This one I missed because of chit chatting but the voices vouched for the fun, participants were having. It started with plate decoration, sushi, and beverage making. Totally fun – filled, I loved the enthusiasm showed by Java+ & Courtyard managers and supporters.

Lots of Food: A foodies meet without food, how can it be so? We had lovely spread of dishes. Starting from welcome drink like Chocolate Frappuccino, Watermelon refresher, and Thai Iced Tea.
Then, I relished in some exotic chocolate yummies like Chocolate cookie, Death By chocolate, and Mushroom short bread. All these three dishes were just yummlicious. Death By chocolate was literally sweet death. Some dark and heavy chocolate topped with nuts – what more you want in life?

The chocolate cookie/muffin was also a chocolaty endeavor. The thick crust filled with liquid chocolate – a total sinful thing!

The mushroom short bread was also a wonderful. The light and crispy bread filled with pesto sauce, mushroom, and capsicum – beautiful combination.

On that note, we signed off by vowing to meet again soon. It was a Sunday afternoon, well spent. Hats off to Foodaholics in Ahmedabad admins, managers, and Java+ managers for making it a memorable day and meet!

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