Food Review: Weekend Window

This Friday (15th May 2015), Weekend Window kick started in Ahmedabad. It is a kind of flea market, where you can shop, eat, enjoy, and have fun. Nearly 100 stalls, which will astonish you and surprise you.

This year’s Weekend Window was special. My Foodaholics in Ahmedabad group – O yes, I have been a member of this group so long that it is like my second family. So I take the privilege to call it ‘My Group.’ My group was having its first on-ground activity. Isn’t that exciting?

Nearly all food stalls were in collaboration with Foodaholics in Ahmedabad and there was a special #FIAStudio by our own famous and super chef members – Bhumi Rajgor, Kshama Parikh, Neha Anant Malwde, Pavana Bhatt, Pratik Khubchandani, and Shivangi Sharma. Co-ordinated by Esha Shah and Rohan Bhatt, it was a wonderful affair.

The #FIAStudio Team

I decided to spend my entire there trying new goodies and of course, supporting my friends. I always believe that fairs like this or moments like these are really important to actually show your support.

Here’s what I tried.


My first stop. It is very hot here! So my first stop was to try some fantastic Gola’s by Bhumi & Kshama. After lot of thinking, I decided to go for Mint Chocolate Chip Gola. The fluffy and light flavor of Mint spread on ice was fabulous. It was such a treat to eyes and stomach in such hot weather. The Chocolate was literally a cherry on the top. The dark chocolate melts in your mouth and in between you gets a splash of mint – Ah! the feeling!

Bhumi & Kshama

Mint & Chocolate Gola
Next were the Vol Au Vents – puff pastry shells with different fillings. The first filing was a brilliant combination of Hummus and roasted bell peppers. The second was Cheddar Pesto with Mango and the last and my personal favorite was Apple Cinnamon and Cheddar. These small pastries were Bada Dhamaka in my mouth. The lovely Pesto clubbed with Mango, The yummy & fluffy Hummus, or the blast of Cheddar & Cinnamon – heaven on earth! I am definitely going back for more.


Vol Au Vents 

I had Lime & Coconut assorted Cheese popper and Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza strips. A lover of cheese and fan of Pizza, I was definitely not going to miss this one. It was a brilliant combination. So subtle yet so different. The classic amalgamation of Mac ‘n’ Cheese & Pizza was something, I suggest everyone should try. I loved it!

Neha & Pavana

Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza Strips

Dr. Hummus

Now, I had heard about them a lot. But never got to try. Guess what? They were there! It made me so happy. I took their 200 gm home pack of Garlic Hummus. It was wonderful. So fresh and lovely. Spread with love of olive oil, chili flakes, olives, and oregano – the brand lived up to their name. 

They even had another interesting combination – Grapes dipped in frozen chocolate. This was something I never had before and it was completely lovable. The lovely fresh grapes, generously wrapped in chocolate – who would not love it?


Another on my “To-Do” list, I finally tasted their Papdi Chat. By the time, I came there, I was so full. But being a foodie, I cannot say ‘No’ to food. Can I? Their chat was a brilliant combination of flavors. Served in True Dili style, I am definitely going to visit their restaurant soon.

The Midnight Baker

Last but not the least, I finally got to taste Cheese Popsicles. And believe me, it was yumm! The lovely Cheese and Jamun – what a combination. I went slurping it right till I made my exit. The best thing about it was its balanced flavors. The right proportion does make a difference and I am happy it was as I hoped it to be.

Cheese Popsicles

I also took my Liquid Chocolate Fudge home! Yay!

So that’s an end to my lovely experience. What are you waiting for? Go and have some!

Photo Credits:

Foodaholics in Ahmedabad

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