Food Review: Blueberry Macaron by the Broadway Bakery

Food connects souls. And when you get authentic taste, the beauty enhances. This is exactly what happened when I tasted Macaron by The Broadway Bakery.

I was looking hither and tither for some good Macaron in Ahmedabad. After a lot of asking people and searching, I had reference of Pankti, owner of The Broadway Bakery. We had a talk and I decided to go for Blueberry Macaron. I have been in awe of them since I tasted them first in Bangalore. Hence, I wanted a permanent fix for my cravings for them in Ahmedabad.

I ordered six regular size Macaron and yesterday, they were delivered to me. And what a taste! They were just perfect. Macaron had feet, so happy dance I did. The exterior was soft yet crumbly – so a crunch when I bite it. The interior of the Macaron was fluffy and soft, which blended well with the lovely and melting chocolate filling.

As I took my first bite, the combination of blueberry and chocolate flavors blasted in my mouth. The flavors were perfect and I could not stop at just one. They were so good that I could not stop at one. Everyone at my place loved it. The best thing of this Macaron was that they had authentic French taste, which I adored. Not too much sweet nor too less sweet!

Pankti had made them with perfection and great love, which could be felt through their texture. She is totally a magician. I would definitely recommend The Broadway Bakery for authentic French Desserts.

You can contact her at her Facebook Page


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