Food Review: Butterscotch Popcorn

Popcorn, now who doesn’t like it? We all love to eat them while watching films or on a lazy evening or over a get-together.

With various versions of Popcorn hitting and influencing choices of people, it is only better to innovate some flavors yourself. Yesterday, I had the same pleasure of trying a new (because I was trying it for the first time) flavor of popcorn's. It is called, ‘ButterscotchPopcorn/Butterscotch Flavored Popcorn.’

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My friend Dr. Puneet Aggarwal made it for our get together. And, I am happy that I could taste them. The popcorn’s were puffed to perfection. Then, the Butterscotch sauce was gently blended into them. Now, this is a crucial step even though it sounds easy. One has to be careful not to overdo or under-do the sauce.

In the popcorn’s, I tasted, the scenario wasn’t so. The sauce had blended with the popcorn’s perfectly. It helped them (popcorn) retain their original crunch yet provided a distinctive taste of the butterscotch.

I really like this new caramelized flavor of popcorn and I am sure going to try it soon.

The link to the recipe is hyper-linked with the name!


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