Relishing Experience: Nini’s Kitchen

Nini’s Kitchen has been in my bucket list for long. Their amazing menu had made me crave for it, especially their Bharwaan Mushroom. Being a mushroom lover, I was looking forward for my experience there.

Therefore, yesterday, I went to Nini’s Kitchen to indulge in the lovely food. I had booked my table with Navneet and Ankit, who had reserved our table, greeted us. They both are lovely hosts. They treat every customer with utmost attention and care. The personalize touch makes customer feel at ease and comfortable. Kudos to them for doing this.

Once there, we ordered Assorted Veg Platter, Pasta Rosato, So Corny Pizza, and Hummus with Pita. With it, accompany them were Kabana smoothie, Golden Nectar Smoothie, and Caribbean Smoothie. While we awaited our food, I began noticing the beautiful and classically done wall art. While on the other wall, there are some amazing paintings, which ought not to be missed. Together, these uplift the restaurant soul and give you a vibrant feeling.

While we were lost in admiring the beauty around us, the food began to pour in.  One by one, our dishes were served to us. And, what a treat to eyes they were! It is truly said that you first eat with your eyes. I fell in love with simple garnishing of the food. It kept the authenticity of the food alive!

The Hummus with Pita shined their way to us. Olive oil being the most important topping was generously spread over it. This gave Hummus a lovely ad glossy look. The pita breads were soft and smooth. One bite of them and they easily melted in our mouth! Aha, that feeling… of having the prefect Hummus, is heavenly.

The Assorted Veg Platter was a hit among my group. One of us wanted to have Hara Bhara Kebab, the other wanted Aachari Aloo and me, wanted to taste Mushroom. Therefore, the Assorted Veg Platter was a perfect choice! I admired the way, in which, the mushroom were stuffed and grilled. The best thing about mushrooms was that their real taste was there, which gave them a lovely taste. The Aachari aloo, Panner tikka, baby corn, and Hara Bhara Kebab had their own taste and as their name suggest, they gave flavors; they vouched for. It was interesting to see that the assorted platter had different flavors, which did not overlapped.

The So Corny Pizza and Pasta Rosato were awesome! It is important not to overcook these two classic Italian dishes and I am glad, the case was not so, here! Cooked to perfection, I loved indulging in both of them. The Pasta’s were mixed in its sauce beautifully. The Pizza was thin and crisp, allowing me to relish it entirely.

The smoothies… what do I say about it? Those were the highlight of our entire meal. Such unique combination… blended so well! It was amazing indulging into it. They were fillers. Whether it was Kabana smoothie, Caribbean smoothie or Golden Nectar smoothie, they all had balanced flavor.

After we thought, we were done for the day, there was beautiful surprise waiting for me. Navneet knew that it was my birthday (though, I had not told her about it), she told Ankit about it. And, he sent lovely chocolicious, chocolaty and chocolate filled pastries for me! That too with happy 
birthday Nikita, written on it. Such a sweet surprise it was! And those pastries… so sinful! I loved them!

Overall, I loved the place. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives.
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