Relishing Experience – Amazo Bistro, a wooden place

Rarely do I use any suffix to my restaurant reviews, but I guess Amazo Bistro deserve it. Why a wooden place? Let us begin with the simple style that is a key role in all the decoration. One look and you would be attracted to the spacious place, it is. Next, from chairs to tables to serving bowls and plates, all were wooden. It brings back the authentic feel, I would say and also as vouched by owner, Aashna Seth.

Their outdoor arrangement is marvelous. It has a live counter and the wall is built of grass, shrubs, and small plants. Once they grow, it will form an amazing outdoor wall. This is going to serve as a perfect place for winter parties and a cool getaway in summer. It is highly recommended to visit this place! If you are a nature person, this will surely appeal you.

The place scores all the points when it comes to designing and decoration. Very minimal and spot-on. I was happy to visit such a place in Ahmedabad. Such new concepts need to be brought in our city. We have many restaurants that have revamped or designed their place with theme. Amazo Bistro adds a name in the list. And, it will surely make you revisit your childhood. How – that I will leave for you to guess when you visit it.

Talking about food, I tasted Gelato Shake (Belgium Chocolate), Barbeque Potato Skin, Aubergine Parmigiana, and Brownie. When I read the menu, I was happy to see the vast varieties. And when I say varieties, I mean varieties! The menu is fresh and it looks like a lot of thought process was involved before boiling down to these items. For a food lover and crazy cuisines experimental, like me, it made my day. I literally wanted to try everything on the menu but of course, you cannot have all good things at one go. :P

The Gelato shake is a must-must-must try! The Belgium Chocolate Shake was refreshing in the hot blaze of sun. It was served in a bottle, which, I found quite interesting concept. The first sip was enough to make me an addictive to it. I guilt-freely enjoyed my drink, indulging the lovely and soothing flavors of the shake. This is definitely not one to be missed.

Barbeque Potato Skin was a lovely dish presented to me on a wooden serving plate. The potato skin was barbequed, filled with salsa, cheddar cheese and topped with crème. The combination of different flavors into one was interesting. While the potato skin’s formed the base to the entire dish, the other elements glorified it (the base). Salsa, which normally has tangy taste, was perfectly blended with cheese and sour crème. I loved the way the dish had come out.

Aubergine Parmigiana – ah, what do I say about it? I am in love with this dish. Period. No honestly, baked Aubergine?!? Yes, Amazo Bistro did it for us! It had three layers, which on remembrance, waters my mouth as I type this out. The first layer is of the red sauce, topped by Aubergine and then cheese. It will definitely make you want more and good thing is, there is abundant of it! Jokes apart, from my entire spread; I really really loved this dish. I am definitely going to have it on my each visit.

The brownie is to die for. The highlight of having brownie is here, you can get to taste the salt caramel on it. As put in by Aashna, “Salt Caramel is on a fire in foreign.” And it is amazing to have it here in India. Definitely, a must try for all the foodies out there.

Overall, I find the restaurant as a perfect “get-away” place from the daily stress, where I can spend hours with my family, friends, or special one. Do visit!

Ambiance – 5/5
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Décor – 4.5/5
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