Meet Aashna Sheth, the Face behind Amazo Bistro

Amazo Bistro’s owner, Aashna Sheth is a young, dynamic, and talented individual. The gen-next of Anil Group’s food & beverages business, Aashna believes in bringing new taste in Ahmedabad. She is keen on making city acquainted to new dishes and taste.

In an exclusive interview with Cuisinesbynikita, she shares what went behind in adding a new name Ahmedabad’s existing restaurants.

Conceptualizing Amazo Bistro

Aashna says, “We already owned this place before. It was booked for Amazo. So when I ventured into making Amazo Bistro, the place was never an issue. We just revamped the interior, concept, theme, and food.

The project took at least 4-6 months to materialize. Since I wanted Amdavadi’s to adapt to new taste, I had Canadian Chef Andrew Parsons flown in for the project. He is a well-known chef in Delhi and he chose the menu, which is new to the city. The project had other helping hands such as my PR team consisting of Kamal Vithalani, Nirja, and Nayan. Without them, the project would not have been completed.

Our staff has been picked with great care and has been trained extensively. They have been explained how to dress, communicate, and serve.

We have chosen wooden concept to keep it simple, authentic yet youth centric. All the serving plates are wooden too and so is the furniture.”

Bringing the Change to Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad as a city is evolving, in terms of food. People are more open to try new things. Aashna personally loves Italian food and says, “I am a traveler. And have knowledge of serving and enjoying food. I completed my studies in UK and I had no other option but to cook for myself. This compulsion made me realize and acquaint to new things.  

Therefore, when I came to Ahmedabad, my aim was to make people adapt to the new cuisines and their taste. After a lot of discussion and thinking, we finally had unique dishes on our menu.

Aashna Seth
With it, we have also included community dinning in Ahmedabad. It is a concept in foreign through which people can socialize and meet new and like-minded people. The table there (she pointed towards a huge table at the center, which had different chairs than the other in restaurant) is for that purpose. We are planning to introduce Wi-Fi system, where people can come, relax, and work or chat.”,have been done with small pots consisting of shrubs and plants, handpicked by my grandmother. When these will grow, they will form a natural plant wall, which will provide soothing effect.

With that, we are planning to open up live performances in our restaurant. The live counter outside; will feature Gelato shots in the coming months. This outdoor space is specifically designed for nature lovers and we are open to give it out for small parties and get-together.”

All I can say is that this restaurant is necessary place to visit. Do relish into their yummy and unique menu and enjoy the nature.
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