Relishing Experience: Foodies in Bombay Street Café

The best thing about being a foodie and belonging to foodie community within Ahmedabad is that you get to visit numerous and new restaurants in and around city.

I and my other foodie friends being part of one of the happening foodie group, ‘Ahmedaabd foodies’ or better known as ‘Tummy Rats’ always meet on 2nd Saturday of every month to celebrate our love for food. City Shor members coined the group and idea of making foodies meet each other. To know in depth about it visit:

CityShor team and Foodies

CityShor team and Restaurant owner 


So, last Saturday, i.e 12th July 2014, we meet at ‘Bombay Street Café’ in Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad. The menu was pre-decided and agreed upon.

For starters, we had Khakhra Dosa, Jini Dosa and Bombay Jumbo Grill Sandwich. Khakhra Dosa was big in size, rather thin and crispy like Khakhra. It was served with Chutney and had minimal flavors. You could not easily find out that whether what you just ate was Khakhra or Dosa. It was a new concept and definitely rocked.

Khakhra Dosa

Next was Bombay Jumbo Grill Sandwich, which was show stealer. It is one of the best sandwiches; I had till now. The sandwich had fresh vegetables, lot of cheese and was perfectly grilled. It may not look heavy but it could nearly take up your ¼ of empty stomach. After gulping down this yummy and scrumptious sandwich, next on table was Jini Dosa. Once again, the concept was nice. The dosa’s were soft and had lot of toppings on it instead of filings. The flavors used were common yet had varied tang; however, they do turn tender if kept for long time. Since, it is layered with toppings, you have to eat it as soon as it comes otherwise it would not taste good.

Bombay Jumbo Grilled

Jini Dosa

In main course, we had wide varieties of Paneer Handi Dosa, Jhanak Jhanak Payal Dosa, Paneer Burji Dosa, Bombay pav Bhaji, Masala pav and Tawa Pulao. Now, all the while after reading this, I was under assumption that the Dosa’s will be stuffed with Panner Handi, Burji and some new masala called ‘Jhanak Jhanak Payal.’ Instead, it turned out to be companions with Dosa’s and not the stuffing.

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Dosa

We were served; plain Dosa’s with regular chutneys and cooked vegetables in gravy. First, in the list was Jhanak Jhanak Payal Dosa, which had Panner and other vegetable in green gravy, made from spinach. This green gravy companion was good in taste despite having strong resemblance to Palak-Paneer. The other two Dosa’s were same, concept wise. Panner Handi and Panner Burji Dosa were served with Panner in different gravies. Overall, all these three Dosa’s tasted normal yet, I wish if they had used dry gravy or ingredients as fillings, it could have been a hit concept.

Paneer Handi Dosa
Moving on, I lavished myself with Pav Bhaji and Tawa Pulao. These two dishes made a mark and served the purpose of café’s name. They both were cooked in typical Bombaiya ishityle and were my favorite of the day. Most important was their bun. It was softer than butter and melted quickly in mouth. You could easily have 5-8 without even releasing it.

Tawa Pulao
For desserts, we had Vanilla ice cream and brownie. Now, no one needs description of that, I guess!

Overall, it was a decent and different experience.
Food: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 7/10

CityShor team hosted this meet. Each individual in liable to pay for them and decisions are mutually discussed on foodies group in whatsapp and on the official app.To be a part of this exciting group, you can visit the CityShor website or download the app from

Share your journey/experience of food whether it is in a renowned restaurant or a roadside stall. E-mail me the details and I will blog it for you. Send in your experiences with photos at having 'Journey of a foodie' in subject line.


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