Day 5 & 6 – Hotel Grand View, Breakfast and Dinner Buffet

Day 5 & 6(26 & 27th  June 2014) were our last days at Hotel Grand View. Unexpectedly on Day 5, I fell ill and could not enjoy the wide spread. However, I did some tastings here and there that will be enough for description.

Breakfast Buffet

On Day 5, we had Live Uttapam and Dosa’s with toast bread, eggs and other varieties. I took one Uttapam and had few bites of Dosa from my bro’s plate, for tasting matter.

The Uttapam were small, thick and generously topped with onions and tomato. Since, they were served hot, one could easily gulp down 3-4; but me, o well, I was not well. The Dosa were crunchy and the fillings had a different touch than other restaurants. It was not usual filling of boiled potatoes; instead, it used Poha mashed with spices as fillings. I must say, this new experience was truly spectacular.

On Day 6, as per my health, I choose to eat toast butter with some hot Bournvita instead of indulging in tasty dishes like Puri-Sabzi, Wada-Sambhar, Paranthe or egg burgi. Yet, from their look and aroma, I being a foodie, can easily say they must have tasted heavenly.

Dinner Buffet

On Day 5, for dinner I choose to have Tomato Spaghetti and Kadi-Khichdri. The tomato spaghetti had perfect balance of cheese and other flavours. The Kadi-Khichdri was light on flavours and so on stomach. It was a perfect end of tiring day.

On Day 6, I again preferred to have light dinner that consisted of one spring roll, Rajma and Rice. The spices were right; nor too much neither less.

Overall, I would end the note by saying that our stay at Hotel Grand View was superb and the service by them made it more wonderful.

The unique thing about this hotel is that the service staff was polite and always ready to help us. They made sure that none of the guest went hungry. Adding to it was personal touch by owners. The owners made a point to meet up their guests each night and personally inquire of their needs. If any guest needed, they would make special dishes for them.

Thumbs up! So, if you guys are planning to go to Dalhousie, remember to stay at Hotel Garnd View.
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