Day 4 - Hotel Grand View, Breakfast and Dinner Buffet

On 25/6/2014, I decided to have full-fledged Indian style and what can be more tummy filling than Paranthas!

So, I choose to have hot Gobi and Aloo Parantha with cold curd – no words could suffice the taste they had. Perfectly rolled out, filled and cooked; I could feel all the individual flavours. With that, I had Upama, which was light, soft and amazing in taste.

They say Music can even boost life into plants and trees so when it comes to Humans, it definitely refreshes us. On Day 4, we had our dinner with live music.

The buffet consisted of Veg. Hot-N-Sour Soup, Chicken Hot-N-Sour Soup, Cocktail Samosa, Green Salad, Waknut-n-fruit salad, Hara Potato salad, steamed rice, Rajmah, Kadai Panner, Carrot Mutter, Stuffed Capsicum and Tomato, Aloo Veg. Korma, Crispy Spinach, Crispy Fried Noodle, Veg. Sweet-n-sour, Assorted rotis, chicken Curry, Gulab Jamun, Pineaaple cake and ice cream.

On suggestion by lovely owner of Hotel Grand View, Mrs. Radhika Chaddha, I tried Crispy Spinach with Cocktail Samosa, Hara Potato Salad and stuffed tomato and capsicum. The crispy spinach was one of its own kinds. I never have tried something crispier than this. The spinach leaves were fried and tossed in Masalas. They were a super healthy munching option. The next dish, stuffed Tomato and capsicum proved a delight as the capsicum had stuffing of cheese with oregano and salt while, tomato had panner stuffing. Both of them had different flavours that went well with par cooking of capsicum and tomato.

The cocktail Samosa’s were delightful as they used raw (Khada) Indian spices. The Hara potato salad consisted of boiled potatoes dipped in hung curd with spices - A perfect starter for a great buffet.

Next, I tried Rajmah and Kadai panner. The Rajmah’s used were soft accompanied with gravy, which was equally mouth-watering. The same goes for Kadai Paneer too but, of course, the gravy was different and gave the entire dish an exotic look.

This was one of the days, when I looked forward to dessert as it had my favourite Gulab Jamun. The Gulab Jamun served was tender and was served hot, which made it a scrumptious sweet dish.

Nonetheless, I had been enjoying the buffets since I came here. so no doubt, this was also one of them.

Share your journey/experience of food whether it is in a renowned restaurant or a roadside stall. E-mail me the details and I will blog it for you. Send in your experiences with photos at having 'Journey of a foodie' in subject line.

 -Nikita Dudani


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