Day 3 – Hotel Grand View, Breakfast and Dinner Buffet

This time I come prepared – I took menu in advance so my readers can know the entire details.
The morning was bright and sunny today, making it a perfect day to roam without sweaters or shawls. 

Before heading to Kajjiyar Lake – an important tourist destination, I had some delicate breakfast. Being an important meal of the day, I prefer to have light and energy boosting breakfast and Hotel Grand View provides just that!

This time I choose to have bread & butter, Pooha, Idli and Kiwi juice. The Kiwi juice was refreshing and my favourite flavor, so I enjoyed this to fullest. The Pooha was cooked in different style than I normally at Ahmedabad. The Pooha did not have any potatoes or onion yet its taste was remarkable. It had flavours of dry spices like Meethi etc. The Idli were tender, soft and the Chutney served was fresh and tasty.

The Dinner menu included of Cream of Tomato soup, Chicken noodle soup, Dhokla, Green Salad, Tossed salad, Sprouts, Steamed rice, Mix pulao, Yellow Dal, Tomato Paneer, Crispy fried bhindi, Tawa sabzi, Mushroom mutter, baked Spinach with potato and corn, Garlic Fried rice, Vegetables in Brown sauce, Assorted Tortis, Bhunna Chicken, Himachali Chai Chicken Fruit Cream, Chocolate and ice cream.

From this lavish spread, I had Cream of Tomato soup, Dhokla, Crisp fried Bhindi, Tawa sabzi, Baked Spinach with potato and corn, Garlic Fried Rice and Liquid chocolate.

The starters – Cream of tomato soup and Dhokla were quite relishing dishes. It is always great to see a Gujju dish in mountains. Far from Ahmedabad, these Dhoklas were same as that of Gujarat when it comes to taste. The Cream of tomato soup was simple and lovely in taste.

My first round of Crispy Bhindi, Roti and Baked Spinach with potato and corn was splendid. Baked and cheese-filled dishes have always been a special part of my life and this baked spinach with potato and corn was just an addition to that. The perfectly melted cheese with balanced mixture of spices, stayed to be star of nigh and my favourite dish. Another of my favourite ingredient – Bhindi were served after been fried and made crispy with pinch of spices that retained its flavours.  

In next round, I tried Tawa sabzi and Garlic Fried Rice. The Tawa sabzi was enriched with Indian spices. The Garlic Fried rice had good colour, just what fried rice should have. And the light garlic taste folded in each grain came out perfectly.

Filled with all these yummy goodies, I hardly had space for desserts however, chocolate being chocolate – attracted me towards it. And, I let myself drunk in the sinful flavours of chocolate.

Overall, I would rate the entire experience 9.5/10.

Share your journey/experience of food whether it is in a renowned restaurant or a roadside stall. E-mail me the details and I will blog it for you. Send in your experiences with photos at having 'Journey of a foodie' in subject line.

-Nikita Dudani
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