Day 2 – Hotel Grand View, Breakfast and Dinner Buffet Review

With having some awesome spread on the first day, I was all geared up to try other buffets. Second day was also first day for breakfast buffet, which was included in our stay package.

So, before kicking off to Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, I treated myself to some yummy and tummy-filler breakfast. From juices to cornflakes to Chhole Bhature to Medu - Wada Sambhar; it had all.

I started my first helping with Toast –Butter, Boiled eggs and coffee. The coffee had perfect blend of all ingredients. The rest of accompanying dishes were best in their way. The first helping proved to be healthy without being too much on waist.

In next helping, I had taken Medu- Wada and Aloo Tikki. They both had crispy covering and the filings were soft that just melted in mouth. The best thing about the food here, is that it has balanced spices to not to be heavy on our stomach.

Dinner: The dinner began with some Tambola and dance session where again due to my hard luck, I did not win. However, when the food is so awesome, who cares whether they win the game or not.

The dinner had mixed of Indian and Chinese cuisines. Being a soup lover, I could not dream of forgetting it and so took Veg. Sweet Corn soup (there was non-veg option too). The soup was in its traditional form without experimenting much with flavours.

In starters, I had Spring rolls, Arbi Masala, Assorted Bread and Veg. Singaporean Noodles. The spring rolls again; had crisp outer covering and nice fillings inside. The Arbi Masala was center of attraction as it is also a popular Sindhi Dish. It was quite surprise to see Arbi (Kachaloo) in Himalayas. Nevertheless, the style in which it was cooked was different and so its taste but very good dish. The Bread had flavoured border and when eaten with some butter just tasted awesome. Next, The Veg. Singaporean Noodles were cooked in traditional style. Delicate on flavours and high on taste, this dish was my next favourite in the entire spread.

Moving on, my next helping consisted of Manchurian in gravy, Palak Paneer and Torti Rotis. Though being in gravy, the Manchurian balls were crunchy and tender, which I prefer and like. The Palak Panner being typical Indian dish was heavy and delightful. The Panner used were fresh and the gravy was thick and juicy. The Torti rotis come in different flavours like palak tortis, masala tortis or simple tortis. They are baked in Tandoor (I am guessing) as they are very crunchy - A unique thing that I got to taste here.

Ending on Sweet note, I choose to have Banana Pie. The above spread had taken all space in stomach so just stuck to one sweet dish. The Banana Pie had generous garnishing of fresh cream topped with granulates of chocolate. It was a pure indulging experience.

Overall, I would rate the breakfast and dinner buffet 9/10. 

This is based on the buffet I had on 23/6/2014. Share your journey/experience of food whether it is in a renowned restaurant or a roadside stall. E-mail me the details and I will blog it for you. Send in your experiences with photos at having 'Journey of a foodie' in subject line.

-Nikita Dudani
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